103 US Marines discharged for refusing Covid vaccine

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Washington, Dec 18 : The US Marine Corps has discharged 103 service members for refusing Covid-19 vaccination.

The Marine Corps announced its decision on Thursday.

The military services have begun to discharge a pool of possibly as many as 30,000 active duty service members who still refuse to be vaccinated — even after multiple opportunities to do so past vaccination deadlines, ABC news reports.

In August, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had ordered mandatory Covid-19 vaccination must for all US military personnel.

Since Lloyd’s decision, the military services set its own deadlines and warned the service members to get vaccinated or else they will be discharged off duty.

While the percentage of vaccinated active duty personnel in each service is at 95% or higher, the number of unvaccinated personnel is close to 30,000, ABC News reports.

The Air Force had discharged 27 airmen this week.


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