11 killed in Indonesia traffic accident

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Jakarta, Aug 31 : Eleven people were killed and 19 others injured, many of them children, in a traffic accident in the Bekasi town of Indonesia’s West Java province on Wednesday, officials said.

Jakarta police traffic director, Senior Commissioner Latif Usman, said that the incident took place on a street near an elementary school.

A truck knocked into a bus stop where elementary school students were gathering after school, and then hit a base transceiver station pole near the bus stop. The pole fell and hit another car and two motorcycles, the police official said.

Police chief of Bekasi, Commissioner Salahuddin said that 11 people were killed and 19 others suffered injuries in the incident.

Ramli Prasetyo, spokesperson of Jakarta’s search and rescue office, said many of the casualties were children and all the injured were rushed to two nearby hospitals.


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