126 Himachal villages to get 4G connectivity

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Hamirpur, July 29 : As part of the digital inclusion and connectivity for all under the ‘Antyodaya’ vision of the central government, 126 Himachal Pradesh villages will usher in a new era of development after getting 4G connections.

The Union Cabinet on Thursday approved a project for saturation of 4G mobile services in uncovered villages across the country at a total cost of Rs. 26,316 crore, said a central government spokesperson.

The project is significant as it will promote delivery of various e-governance services, banking services, tele-medicine, tele-education etc. through mobile broadband and generate employment in rural areas.

Last year the Government approved a project for providing 4G mobile services to 7,287 uncovered villages in 44 aspirational districts across five states including Himachal Pradesh.

There are 126 such villages in Himachal Pradesh where there are no 4G services at present and the new initiative of the central government will usher a new era of development in the left out region of the state, said the spokesman.

None of the 12 districts of the Himachal Pradesh have end to end 4G services. In addition, 6,279 villages having only 2G/3G connectivity shall be upgraded to 4G under the union cabinet decision.

With the cabinet’s approval the project will provide 4G mobile services in 24,680 uncovered villages in remote and difficult areas.

The project has a provision to include 20 per cent additional villages on account of rehabilitation, new-settlements, withdrawal of services by existing operators.

The project will be executed by BSNL using Atmanirbhar Bharat’s 4G technology stack and will be funded through Universal Service Obligation Fund.

The project cost of Rs. 26,316 crore includes capex and 5 year opex. BSNL is already in process of deployment of Atmanirbhar 4G technology stacks, which will be deployed in this project as well.


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