2022 mein khela hoi : SP posters proclaim ‘2022 mein khela hoi’ in UP

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Lucknow, June 28 : Taking a leaf from the Trinamool Congress campaign in West Bengal elections, the Samajwadi Party (SP) has started putting up hoardings with the slogan ‘2022 mein Khela Hoi’ (game will happen in 2022).

Hoardings and posters with this tagline have come up in Kanpur and Varanasi.

Former SP MLA Haji Abdul Samad Ansari has started painting the Bhojpuri version of the slogan, ahead of the Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, scheduled to be held early next year.

The paintings put up by Samad carry SP’s symbol ‘bicycle’ and slogans ‘Umeed ki cycle’ and ‘2022 mein Khela Hoyi’.

Samad said, “SP Chief Akhilesh Yadav has released the party’s slogan for forthcoming Assembly election — ‘2022 me bicycle. Considering the mood of the people in the Bhojpuri belt of east UP, we also created a slogan ‘2022 me khela hoyi’ as people are upset due to lies and promises of the BJP. They are enthused after The Trinamool taught a bitter lesson to the BJP in the recently held West Bengal election.”

The posters have caught the fancy of SP workers in several other districts and are coming up with similar hoardings.


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