320 economists from 91 institutions extend support to Prof Das, demand his reinstatement

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New Delhi, Aug 19 : As many as 320 economists from 91 institutions across the country have extended their support to Prof Sabyasachi Das, whose paper suggesting voter manipulation in the 2019 elections sparked a controversy, demanding the Ashoka University to immediately reinstate him.

In a statement in solidarity with Prof Das, the economists said: “We, economists working in India, strongly believe that academic freedom is the cornerstone of a vibrant educational and research community, and that everyone must have the right to pursue knowledge, share their findings, and engage in open dialogue without the fear of censorship or retribution.

“We stand in solidarity with Prof Sabyasachi Das and extend our support for the demands of the economics department at Ashoka University. We urge the Governing Body of Ashoka University to immediately reinstate Prof Das unconditionally.”

Earlier, several departments of the Sonepat-based private university had also demanded that Prof Das and Prof Pulapre Balakrishnan be offered their positions back unconditionally by the varsity.

Days after Prof Das’s resignation, Professor Balakrishnan had also resigned in protest over acceptance of resignation of the former.


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