4 Indian women face racist attack in Texas

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Texas(US), Aug 26 : Four Indian women faced violent racist attack in Texas, US, as a Latina hurled abuse at them and Indians in general asking them to “Go Back” from where they came.

Police on Thursday arrested the Mexican-American woman on charges of assault and “terroristic threats” after the attack, as per police tweet and videos which have since gone viral.

The incident took place in Plano as the Indian group of friends came out of a restaurant, as per the conversation in the viral videos.

The shocking videos captured and shared on social media show the attacker now identified by the authorities as Esmeralda Upton hurling abuses at the four.

While three women made the videos of their attacker, another was seen talking to perhaps the authorities or seeking help on phone.

Plano police also tweeted that Upton “is also being investigated for hate crime, and additional charges may be forthcoming. She is being held on a bond of $10,000”. The police released a mugshot of the attacker, describing it as “jail photo”.

The incident took place late Thursday in the Dallas suburb that has significant Indian population.

As per the media, the four Indian women were headed towards their cars in an empty parking lot when Upton accosted them.

Launching her racist rant, Upton said: “We don’t want you here….Go back to India.” She keeps walking turning back and repeating herself “Go Back…..”

She even physically attacks one of the women and then another after she says that if the Indians thought India was that great they should go back as her country (US) does not want Indians.

She makes it clear that she is not a white woman, but a Mexican-American. When the Indian women say why doesn’t she go back to Mexico, she snaps back saying she is American, as she was born here (US).

She even hits a third woman and then starts recording the Indians. One of the victims calls the authority. Immediately, the Latina retracts and says she is sorry, before launching another attack.

One of the videos captured by one of the victims and shared by Johnny Akzam, was tweeted with: “This racist attacking these innocent women is Esmi Upton of Plano, Texas. Full name: Esmeralda Armendarez-Upton, she is a realtor for California Federal Bank.

“She is a parishioner at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Plano, TX. She wants to be famous for all the wrong reasons.”


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