5 patriotic audio books to look out for this Independence Day

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New Delhi, Aug 12 : Ever heard of patriotic audio series online?

Well, on this 75th Independence Day, on the occasion of ‘Azadi ka Amritmahotsav’, why not dwell on an unforgettable experience that will not only boost our patriotic feelings but will leave a long-lasting impression?

Here is a list of top audio series to check out this Independence Day—

1) ‘Secret Fauji’ on Pocket FM:

‘Secret Fauji’ revolves around one of the best soldiers from the Military Intelligence Bureau – Kabir Shekhawat and how things take a turn when his body gets injected with a chemical that weakens him slowly. The Military man has been asked to leave due to his health conditions and what happens next is a very interesting show one must listen to.

2) ‘The Forgotten Few’ on Audible:

It is a historical narrative of India’s contribution specifically to the air force component of World War II, which was an important part of our journey to Independence and national identity. Close to three million Indians served in uniform during the war. This book brings to light some of the lost stories of Indian aviators who built the very foundations of human and physical infrastructure for what is now the world’s fourth largest air force. The book is filled with several first-person interviews with some of the last Indian survivors of World War II, giving you a personal insight into it all.

3) ‘The Discovery of India’ on Storytel:

‘The Discovery of India’ was written by India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru during his imprisonment in 1942–1946 at Ahmednagar fort in Maharashtra by the British before the independence of India. This book is widely regarded as a classic and provides a concise depiction of Indian history, philosophy, and culture. It was published in 1946 and has since acquired the status of a classic. In this book Pandit Nehru starts from ancient Indian history, leading up to the last years of the British Raj. The book is available in audio form on Storytel.

4) ‘Azaad’ on Pocket FM:

‘Azaad’ has been loved by many, wherein Bharath Singh, the protagonist, who is a serial killer in 2019, ends up going backward in the time machine in 1928 and gets trained by Bhagat Singh and guided by Netaji. The hero is in a fix deciding to fight for freedom or go against it, while India’s history depends on it.

5) ‘Hind Swaraj’ or ‘Indian Home Rule’ on Audiobooks.com:

First written in Gandhi’s native language Gujarati, this book advocates for Indian non-violent self-rule during the struggle for Indian independence against the British Empire. It is a dialogue between two characters that can be listened to at Audiobooks.com.


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