50 flights cancelled in Japan amid snow storm

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Tokyo, Dec 27 : At least 48 flights have been cancelled in Japan amid heavy snowstorms, the NHK broadcaster reported on Monday.

A day earlier, over 100 flights were cancelled in Japan, according to local media reports, which said that 35 inches of snow fell in several prefectures by Sunday morning.

The heavy snowfall is expected to continue as the cold front is moving along the western part of the country.

Meanwhile, hundreds of flights were cancelled globally over the Christmas weekend, due to the spread of the Omicron strain of the coronavirus amid airline workers.

According to FlightAware, which provides aviation data, 2,513 flights were cancelled on Sunday, 927 of them in the United States. On Saturday, over 2,850 flights were cancelled around the world, nearly 1,000 of them in the US. Hundreds of flights were also cancelled on Christmas Eve, ruining people’s plans to spend Christmas with their relatives.


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