7,881 polling stations set up in Himachal

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Shimla, Oct 29 : The State Election Department has set up a total of 7,881 polling stations for the upcoming Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections, a poll official said Saturday.

The Kangra district has maximum 1,625 polling stations while Lahaul-Spiti district has lowest 92.

There are 7,235 polling stations in rural and 646 polling stations in urban areas.

Besides, three auxiliary polling stations will also be set up at 66(A)-Sidhbari (Dharamshala), 99(A)-Bara-Bhangal (Baijnath) and 26(A)-Dhillon (Kasauli), this was disclosed by a spokesperson of the Election Department here.

The spokesperson said Sidhbari polling station in Dharamshala Assembly Constituency (AC) of Kangra district has maximum 1,511 voters, while 6-ka of Kinnaur district has minimum 16 voters.

For 26-Chask Bhatori of Bharmour Tribal AC of Chamba district, the polling party will have to walk 14 km to reach any voter. The polling station in Bharmour AC is the remotest station in this district.

Chamba, a remote district of the state, has the maximum number of 1,459 voters in 89-Manola-1 polling station in Dalhousie AC, while 144-Kunar in Bharmour AC has only 84 voters.

Kangra, the biggest district of Himachal, having 15 ACs also has the distinction of highest 1,511 voters in 66-Sidhabari under Dharamsala AC, while the lowest voter center is 19-Kalangan in Nurpur AC, having only 75 voters.

In Kangra, the remotest polling station is 23-Manch of Shahpur AC where the polling party has to walk for 7 km.

The tribal district Lahaul-Spiti has 811 voters in 76-Kaza while 33-Lingar has only 38 voters.

In Kullu district, 22-Manali AC has 12-Chichonga polling station with 1,305 voters, while in 24-Banjar AC, 71-Tilga has the least number of 89 voters.

In Kullu, the remotest polling stations where the polling parties have to cover a distance of 10 kms on foot are 129-Rasol in Kullu AC and 58-Shakti of 24-Banjar AC.

Mandi, the second largest district of Himachal Pradesh with 10 Assembly seats, has 1,403 voters in 25-Chaugan polling station under Sundernagar AC, while the lowest 95 voters is at 75-Jarathu polling station. Here the remote polling station, where the polling party has to walk 10 km on foot is 93-Manjhagan.

The Hamirpur AC has the highest number of 1,283 voters in its 52-Swahal polling station, while Barsar AC has the lowest number of 105 voters at 59-Balh Dhatwalian polling station.

In Una district, Una AC has the highest number of 1,404 voters at 20-Una (14) polling station, while 58-Suri (2) of Chirtpurni AC has lowest 246 voters.

Sri Nainadevi ji AC of Bilaspur district has the maximum number of 1,281 voters in its 65-Behal (3) polling station, while 27-Dhadat of Bilaspur AC has only 835 voters.

There are 1385 voters in 79-Baddi polling booth under Doon AC of Solan district, while 28-Glayana in Kasauli AC has the lowest of 105 voters.

In Sirmour district, a maximum number of 1,423 voters are in 48-Paonta (Devinagar-5) of Paonta Sahib AC, 87-Nagli has only 112 voters.

In Sirmour, 36-Bobri under Shillai AC is the remotest polling station, where the polling party has to walk 5 km.

Comprising of eight ACs, Shimla district has maximum 1,298 voters in 114-Charoli polling station in Chopal AC, while only 2-Summerhill polling station under Shimla (U) AC has minimum 33 voters.

Polling party has to cover a distance of 7 km to reach 123-Pandar — the remote polling station in Rohru AC.


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