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8 Simple (But Effective) Changes You Can Make to Bring More Joy into Your Life

Insight Online News / By Rhia Nichols

Ifyou follow the news or look at social media, you may feel a shiver of unease every now and again.

Do you ever have concerns about your future? Is there a time in your life when it seems like the well of plenty has run dry?

If so, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, there are techniques to get boundless energy in your life.

What exactly is Abundance?

Abundance is a knowledge of all the possibilities that each of us has. This viewpoint believes in something bigger than the physical world and its logical constraints. Abundance entails faith in miracles and the unseen.

Abundance exists in all aspects of your life. Richness may be found in your creativity, love, relationships, spirituality, health, wellbeing, and material belongings.

Self-awareness and thankfulness are essential for living a rich life.

Abundance is a sense of safety and affection. This sensation should be present in all of your connections. This involves how you love and trust yourself and your surroundings. Abundance is that sense of peace and delight that allows you to go through life with ease, without clinging to what has occurred or what could happen.

Karma intertwines all of your personal interactions with abundance, which shapes the conviction of your own worth. It is here that you will learn lessons about love, safety, and healing. Perhaps the karmic scars associated with affluence are the most in need of compassion and forgiveness.

My abundance

Temperatures in Arizona have exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit. My dog is too hot to accompany me on the hikes. I have a hose running in my cactus garden in case any thirsty creatures pass by.

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On the walk adjacent to the overgrown garden, I spot coyotes, lynx, and javelinas. Several quail families, cottontails, and numerous more animals call the desert refuge home. It’s pretty uncommon for me to see rabbits, quail, and other creatures relaxing in the water or stretching out in the mud.

Looking out my windows quickly brings me back to my senses and awakens my heart. This is a significant component of my personal abundance.

Someone else made sure water and vegetables were always accessible while I was away last weekend.

My garden was quiet when I got home. All of the fauna vanished. My heart was physically aching. My tangible prosperity had not altered, but my sense of richness and tranquility had suffered.

I worried whether the pathways of the coyotes and cottontails crossed too often.

I’ve been at home for a few days. The temperatures have dropped due to thunder and rain, which provided much-needed relief. A white-winged dove has taken up residence on the ground. There are lovebirds around, as well as a wary bunny in the yard. My refuge is gradually filling up with new noises and activities.

This is just one example of how a feeling of plenty may change our lives. But keep in mind that these emotions come and go.

8 Ways to Rediscover Abundance

  1. Allow for unexpected abundance in your life.
    This may be a therapeutic experience. When you are able to let go of the need to control how and when wealth appears in your life, you learn to trust the universe. This is when miracles happen.
  2. Be truthful with yourself about what you really want.
    Sometimes the simplest pleasures in life are the ones that correspond with your highest vibrating path. Dig deep and courageously answer the question, “What would I desire if money were no object?”
  3. Observe fresh instances of plenty in your life.
    We might get so used to believing that plenty must have a certain shape that we block the door to alternative possibilities. In an ideal world, we would have a sense of wealth in all aspects of our lives.
  4. Take care of your abundance.
    This is just identifying and nurturing what provides you calm and pleasure. For some, it may be playing or listening to music, while for others, it could be enjoying nature. There are many ways to enjoy the delight of prosperity.
  5. Surrender to and believe in a higher power.
    Sometimes trust requires confidence in a broader vision than our human minds can fathom. This takes trust that plenty will appear, regardless of whether it makes sense.
  6. Recognize that we produce our riches in collaboration with the cosmos.
    We have the power to direct our own life. We pick our ideas and our reactions. We have the capacity to enjoy an unrestricted flow of plenty. This means living fearlessly and allowing energy to flow freely.
  7. Develop a daily practice of thankfulness.
    Begin each day by appreciating your plenty, even if it’s only remembering happier times.
  8. Appreciate every method the cosmos helps you.
    Celebrate when you’re feeling well! It might be as simple as a pleasant trek, a pleasant chat, or a delicious supper. All of these are instances of plenty.

Creating abundance

I know that some of what I value the most cannot be purchased. Nature observation, and experiencing the rain, wind, and sun all make my heart sing. I am grateful for the possibilities in my life when nature is the backdrop.

I’m building new connections with the critters who reside in my neighborhood with an open heart. A very baby cottontail was napping in the mud, beneath a cactus, this afternoon. I’m not sure what creatures will live in my cactus garden, but I like the serenity they provide me.

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