8 Things Guys Do When They’re Just Having a Fling

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When you’re dating or chatting to a man, there’s something you should know: most guys already know if they perceive you as a fling, a dirty little secret, or a possible long-term companion after seeing you twice max.

They’ll treat you appropriately after they’ve determined where you stand. Whether you’re wondering how to determine if a man likes you, remember that he will never do any of these things. If he does, you’re only a passing fancy to him.

If you’re just a fling, here are 8 things males do:

  1. He does not text you often.
    The truth is that males only ghost girls they don’t care about. Furthermore, long-term males will not abruptly “go black” for days. They will also not just text you when they are horny. Guys that perceive you as long-term relationship material will always contact you and call you, no matter how hectic their day is.
  2. He will not introduce you to any of his friends.
    Guys that are really interested in a lady will introduce her to her friends and family. They will be pleased to be seen with her and will do whatever they can to keep her in their circle. If you’re just a fling, they’ll keep you in the shadows and make sure you don’t meet too many people.
  3. He refuses to take you on formal dates.
    The date at a restaurant? Pfft. Don’t even think about it. Date for ice skating? Nope. The only dates fling generally get are Netflix dates… and, if they’re fortunate, a nightclub date.
  4. He will not bring up the issue of relationships.
    If a man is really into you, he’ll ask what you want in a future marriage or start talking about babies within a year. If he’s sincere, he’ll also attempt to speak about labeling you as “girlfriend.” If he sees you as a fling, he will remain mute about this.
  5. He does not desire to be your sole partner.
    Make no mistake about it: a serious man will plead for exclusivity. They will not mince words. They will request it. If they make no attempt to be exclusive, you should move on.
  6. He will not engage in lengthy discussions with you.
    When you’re a fling, people may gossip or discuss fandoms, but that’s about it. The discussions will not be about big events in your life. Guys don’t speak about things that make them emotionally connected while you’re just a fling.
  7. He is untrustworthy.
    Men who are genuinely interested in a woman will be as dependable as a Swiss watch. You can rely on a guy who is interested in you for anything. However, if he regards you as a fling, he will become the most reckless person on the globe. If you can’t count on him, he’s telling you that you’re not his “One.”
  8. He will never confess his feelings for you.
    The L-bomb cannot be undone after it has been dropped. It suggests he’s really caught emotions and is emotional about you. He probably won’t say it if you’re just a fling.

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