A delegation of Journalist met ADRM Brijesh Singh

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Pune, May 27 : A Delegation of Journalist met to Additional Divisional Railway Manager (ADRM) central Railway Pune Brijesh Kumar Singh demanding the strict action Against its employees Mr Rajkumar Prasad who is working as clerk on reservation counters at Pune Railway station.

A Delegation led by Omprakash Rohiniprasad Pandey has submitted a Memorandum to ADRM against Prasad for abusing him and one other Journalist when they have gone to purchase reservations tickets.

In his complaint Mr Pandey and Mr Yogesh Borse have stated that Prasad has started abusing them when both Journalist repeatedly asked for the form of reservations since Mr Prasad was deliberately delaying giving form to both Journalist. Mr Prasad who was maintaining the window counter number 30 has not only abusing us but used futile words and threatened to leave premises immediately, said complainant Omprakash.

The complainants have also requested to ADRM Mr Singh to verify CCTV of the day of incidents for his realization that how Mr Prasad indulging in using unethical language and misbehaving with them.

The Delegation of more than 20 Journalist were gathered at ADRM office demanding justice from him. The ADRM Mr Singh assured that action will be taken against Prasad within a week. He further said we will be verifying the details of incidents very soon and action will be taken accordingly.

The copy of the Memorandum also marked to General Manager central railway, Sr DCM and Railway SP in which the complainants has requested to register the case against Prasad under the Journalist protection act, said Omprakash Pandey who is one of the complainants.

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