ACC creates an innovative campaign “LBnW – Leave Behind No Waste” with support from BCCI

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Kolkata, Nov 26 : ACC Ltd has partnered with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to take on the onus of collecting and managing waste, during the first India vs New Zealand test series match which was held on November 25 at Kanpur’s Green Park Stadium.

ACC has encapsulated the entire idea led by a digital film titled ‘Leave behind No Waste’ depicting the brand teaming up with its waste management arm, Geocycle to collect and co-process all the

plastic waste which is left behind in the cricket stadium. The voice in the film has been lent by the renowned veteran actor and voice-over artist, Piyush Mishra.

In the film, the cricket term of getting ‘OUT’ is used in juxtaposition with the plastic waste that does not get OUT easily from the environment. The brand then takes charge to throw out the single-use plastic from the stadium to be re-purposed and safely managed in its cement kiln. A challenging game environment has been created between ACC and plastic waste, where the former succeeds in stimulating a greener and smarter environment.

Sridhar Balakrishnan, MD & CEO, ACC Limited said, “Cricketing events create massive amounts of waste and have a large carbon footprint. Our collaboration with BCCI, brings us a step closer to building a cleaner future and also supports Swachh Bharat Mission through Geocycle. Through this film, we want to give out a message about how we can make sports more sustainable. Aligned to our net zero vision, we will continue our efforts to provide safe waste management solutions to industries and municipalities while meeting the highest standards of health, safety and sustainability.”

The match is expected to create approx. 2 tonnes of single-use plastic waste. Enabling a circular economy model, the collected waste will be co-processed to generate fuel through Geocycle’s safe waste management solutions. This technology is recognized globally and is one of the safest methods of waste management. By supporting ACC with its expertise and knowledge, Geocycle is leading the way in making the planet a better place for future generations.

For more than a decade now, ACC is at the forefront of providing waste management solutions to stakeholders, communities and industries. Through the co-processing technology, ACC provides a ‘Zero Landfill ’solution that doesn’t create any additional emissions and in addition avoids soil contamination, water and air pollution coming from landfill sites, recovery of energy and minerals

from the waste materials.


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