Actionable: Buy SBI, JK cement, Tata Motors, Godrej properties.

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From Advisory Desk : Vikash Sahay

1st March 2021 : Market Outlook: US bond yields receded to 1.4% and Senate moves a step closer to relief package of $ 1.9 trillion. Thus Dow futures is up by 250 points. Asian markets are up by propertiesa percent. SGX Nifty is up by 200 points. FIIs sold in cash worth Rs 8200 cr in last trading session. In short term volatility may continue, however we remain optimistic on a longer term view.

Actionable: Buy SBI, JK cement, Tata Motors, Godrej properties.

Global market:
DOW:  -469
SGX NIFTY:   +220  (prev.close 14525)
NIFTY 50 : 14529
Sensex : 49100

FII:                    -8295 Cr
DII:                   +1500 Cr

Advances: 1020 / Declines: 1902

Dollar: $ 73.46
Dollar Index: 90.80

Gold: $1744  per ounce
Crude: $65.60  per barrel

10 year US bond rate: 1.42
10 year Indian Bond rate: 6.23

PCR: 1.11
VIX:  28.14


SBI: Company is preparing for its mutual fund joint venture for an IPO which could fetch about $1 billion from the IPO. SBI’s mutual fund is currently valued at about $7 billion.

Securities in BAN: NIL.

Derivative View : VIX closed at 28.14. Max Put OI is at 14500 then 14600. Max Call OI is at 14800 then 14700. Option data suggests a trading range between 14500 to 14800.

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