ADG BSF Khurania : BSF has very limited power, no investigating power

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Kolkata, Nov 17 : ADG of Border Security Force (BSF), Eastern Command, YB Khurania on Wednesday said the BSF is a very disciplined force and it has very limited power – search, seizure and arrest – within its jurisdiction and it is not a law enforcing agency.

Addressing a media conference, a day after West Bengal ruling Trinamool Congress adopted a resolution in the state assembly demanding withdrawal of union ministry’s notification extending BSF jurisdiction territory within 50kms of the borders with Bangladesh, the BSF ADG clarified that barring increasing of jurisdiction no new power has been given to the force.

Answering a question that a TMC lawmaker Udayan Guha told the assembly that the BSF frisked women (in an uncivil manner), Mr Khurania said the force was disciplined and any such complaint against anyone was also investigated.

He also refuted the media reports and apprehension was raised in some quarters regarding extension of the jurisdiction from 15 km to 50 km would empower the BSF to interfere in law and order situation in the state.

” The BSF has no investigating power, nor can it lodge any FIR. The force only search, seize and arrest and hand over to the local police for further proceedings if any foreigner entered into the Indian territory illegally,” the BSF ADG said.

“BSF, Eastern Command is mandated to look after the eastern theatre, along the international border with Bangladesh, which is spread over approximately 4142 kms’.

Border Security Forces have very limited powers under these, the power of search, seizure, and arrest.

‘The Border Security Force is not an investigating agency. Whoever is apprehended during a border search or seizure is handed over to the appropriate law enforcement agency,’ he said.

In offences under the Foreigner’s Act 1967, Foreigner’s Act entry into India in 1920 and some other acts, the seized property as well as the apprehended person is handed over to the local police.

” We have very cordial relations with the local police and we always interact with each other on a regular basis, ” Mr Khurania added.


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