AFGHAN CRISIS : Impossible for us to recognise Taliban, Italian FM

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Kabul, Sep 27 : Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio has said that it was impossible for his country to recognise the caretaker Taliban government in Afghanistan, adding that at least 17 of the appointed ministers were “terrorists”, the media reported on Monday.

In a statement on Sunday, Di Maio said that the Taliban are accused of human rights violations which will not be recognised by Italy, reports Khaama News.

He added that the people of Afghanistan should be provided financial support by the international community and the world must get together to prevent an influx of refugees that will destabilse the regional nations.

Di Maio’s statement came after Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that the caretaker government in the war-torn nation will soon be recognised as they are in contact with the UN.

Respect for women and human rights, establishing inclusive government, not allowing Afghanistan to become safe haven of terrorism are the preconditions for the recognition set by the international community.

The Taliban, since they took over the country in mid-August, are yet to implement these measures.


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