Afghanistan : 2 soldiers, 36 militants killed after attack foiled in Afghanistan

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Kabul, Aug 5 : Two Afghan soldiers and at least 36 Taliban militants were killed after the government forces repelled an attack on Thursday in the country’s eastern province of Nangarhar, a local official confirmed.

The atatck erupted as hundreds of Taliban militants armed with guns and heavy weapons, including rocket propelled grenades, attacked Sherzad district while trying to capture the suburban district in the southeast of Nangarhar, provincial government spokesman Attahullah Khogiani told Xinhua news agency.

Four Afghan soldiers and 52 militants were also wounded during the fighting that had lasted for hours, he said.

In neighbouring Laghman province, the militrary retook control of Badpakh district early on Thursday after the Afghan Special Forces launched a cleanup operation late Wednesday night, evicting the militants from the district, according to Fawad Aman, deputy spokesperson of the Defence Ministry.

He wrote on his social media account that details about the liberation of Badpakh will be shared with media soon.

Many Afghan provinces have been the scene of heavy battles in recent months as Taliban militants have reportedly captured about 200 districts since the start of the withdrawal of US-led troops in May this year.


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