Afghanistan : With Taliban, 10,000 foreign fighters of 20 groups in Afghanistan

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United Nations/New Delhi, Aug 7 : The Taliban is not operating alone in Afghanistan, according to the country’s Ambassador to the UN, Ghulam M Isaczai.

More than 10,000 foreign fighters are in the country, representing 20 groups, including Al-Qaeda and ISI, he told the Security Council.

“There is mounting evidence that the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which have pledged allegiance to ISIL, fought alongside the Taliban in Faryab, Jowzjan, Takhar and Badakhshan provinces where they are currently present with their families under the Taliban control,” said Isaczai.

“The link between the Taliban and these transnational terrorist groups is stronger today than at any point in recent times,” he said in a statement on behalf of Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister.

Reports from the country say that the Taliban on Friday captured Kanak district in Nimroz, and brutally executed at least 30 soldiers.

A video from Nimroz showed that several bodies purportedly of the government forces lying on the ground. The Taliban reportedly tortured the soldiers, maimed them and took out their eyes before killing them.

“Based on the international law, it is counted as a war crime, it is also against Islamic principles,” said Laal Gul Laal, the head of human rights organization, Nimroz has five districts of which three are completely under the control of the Taliban.


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