Ahmed Patel’s daughter to enter active politics when ‘time is right’

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Ahmedabad, July 24 : Mumtaz Patel, the daughter of late senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel, is doing the ground work to enter active politics, but is “waiting for the right time and platform”.

Her two recent tweets on the current issues have sent strong signals in the political circles.

Taking a stand on working president Kadir Pirzada’s statement against Patidars, Mumtaz Patel tweeted: “Congress party has faith in all communities and religions, its leadership has always respected all communities, leadership should not forget that Patidars are part of the society, people have lots of hope from Congress.

“I appeal to release Bharuch youth congress vice president Nikhil Shah, he was arrested while protesting against the Enforcement Directorate.”

Speaking to IANS about joining politics, Mumtaz Patel said: “People have responded to my tweets with warmth and respect and such a response encourages me to join politics. I do wish to be part of community and national building. I feel I am born for it. I am waiting for the right time and platform to join active politics.”

She has also started speaking to like-minded people to build ground for herself before directly joining a political party.

She wants to give first priority to the philanthropic legacy that her father has left behind.

“I wish to work with women and youths and that is where I wish to start. I am trying to slowly understand public sentiments in Bharuch, my home ground, with like minded people, which will spread our wings across the state.”

Mumtaz Patel further said that she has no plans to campaign for anyone in the upcoming Assembly elections.


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