Airbus 320 crash-lands in Colombia

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Bogota, July 26 : An Airbus 320 aircraft of the Colombian airline, Avianca, flying from Medellin to Bogota did an emergency landing at the airport in the capital here after one of the engines failed, local media reported on Tuesday.

The flight 9351 suffered an engine failure shortly before arriving to the capital, the Semana newspaper quoted passengers.

In the middle of the flight, passengers heard a rumbling noise from one of the engines, after which the noise persisted until the landing, the newspaper reported.

The airline told Semana that during the flight the crew “received a notification about one of the plane’s systems and, in accordance with the airline’s safety protocols, the captain requested an emergency landing.”

The civil aviation service of Colombia and the press services of Avianca and El Dorado airport have not yet officially commented on the situation.


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