Ajit Pawar to PM Modi : Resolve Maharashtra-Karnataka border issue

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Aurangabad/Mumbai, Aug 11 (UNI) Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Pawar on Wednesday raised the vexed Karnataka border dispute with PM Narendra Modi and demanded a solution to the issue at the earliest.

In the same regards, Mr Pawar penned a letter to the PM, saying Marathi speakers in Karnataka are facing “injustice”.

Hence, such disputed areas should be merged with Maharashtra, he demanded.

The letter alleged, “The Marathi speakers in the border areas continue to be treated unfairly by the Karnataka government and the Karnataka government’s action is unjust and inhumane.”

It further said, “More than 60 years after the formation of the United Maharashtra State with Mumbai, hundreds of Marathi-speaking villages along the Maharashtra-Karnataka border, including Belgaum, Karwar, Bidar, Bhalki and Nipani are still outside Maharashtra.”

“The battle of boundary issue is being fought on behalf of Maharashtra in the minds of the people and in the Supreme Court,” Mr Pawar remarked.
He wrote, “The Marathi citizens in the border areas are writing to me and requesting to resolve this issue immediately.”


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