All Sainik schools to admit girls

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New Delhi, Aug 15 : All Sainik schools in the country will admit girl students as well, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday in his address to the nation on the 75th Independence Day.

Defence Ministry also recently announced setting up 100 new co-educational Sainik Schools.

“I used to get messages from lakhs of daughters that they also want to study in Sainik School, the doors of Sainik Schools should be opened for them too. Two-and-a-half years ago, as an experiment, we admitted daughters for the first time to Sainik School in Mizoram. Now the government has decided that all the Sainik Schools in the country will also be opened for the daughters,” Mr Modi said.

At present, 33 Sainik schools are operating in India.

“Our daughters are giving an unprecedented performance, whether it is Olympics or other fields,” he said, stressing on the need to ensure equal participation of women and their safety.


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