Allahabad HC to start physical hearings from Wednesday

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Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh), July 12 : The Allahabad High Court will resume physical hearing in both the benches (Lucknow and Allahabad) from Wednesday.

The court has finalised and released guidelines in this regard.

However, virtual mode of hearing will also continue.

In the first phase, advocates’ chambers would not be opened. However, if the system of physical hearing on the guidelines framed by the high court remains successful, the decision about the opening of the chambers would be taken.

According to the guidelines, only those advocates who have been vaccinated against Covid will be permitted in the campus.

They will have to show the vaccination certificate at the time of entry without any protest, else the committee may withdraw the physical hearing arrangement.

During the course of physical hearing, advocates would have to adhere to Covid protocol like wearing a face mask/cover and maintain social distancing. Only those advocates would enter the premises whose cases are listed and for that, they will have to show the listing of the case on mobile phone or any other mode.

Not more than ten advocates will remain in a courtroom at a time.

During physical hearing, advocates would be permitted to opt for virtual hearing with advance information to the registry, thus, e-mode would also be in operation till further orders.


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