Amit Shah to lay the foundation stone of the Azamgarh state university

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Azamgarh, Nov 13, : Union Home Minister Amit Shah will lay the foundation stone of the State University in Azamgarh on Saturday at 1 pm.

Along with Azamgarh, he will also visit Basti today. In view of the election environment, as per political pundits, with the foundation laying ceremony of the university at Azamgarh, BJP is trying to break the stronghold of opposition parties in the state.

According to the schedule of the Home Minister’s visit to Azamgarh, Shah and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will lay the foundation stone of the state university which is proposed to be built at Yashpalpur Azambandh. The establishment of the University was much awaited demand of the people of Azamgarh. Sujit Srivastava, the convener of the University Campaign Committee said that the dream of the people is being fulfilled after a long struggle.

A medical college is also under construction in Azamgarh.

It is a gnerally held view that whenever the SP is in power in Uttar Pradesh, development works were done in Azamgarh, but the demand for the university remained unfulfilled. Ultimately, the Yogi government of BJP took the initiative.

Through the state university foundation stone laying ceremony on November 13, the BJP will formally sound its election bugle.

Later on, after the Azamgarh function Shah will address a public meeting after inaugurating the MP Khel Mahakumbh at Shivharsh Kisan PG College in Basti at 3.15 pm.

Shah who visited Varanasi on Friday evening, finalized the strategy for the upcoming assembly elections after holding an important meeting with the in-charges and party office bearers of all the BJP’s assembly seats.


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