Archbishop Felix Toppo : A Christmas for the poor and marginalized

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Ranchi : Christmas day was celebrated in a very different and special way in the archdiocese of Ranchi this year. There were no big decorations no extravagant celebrations but the whole concept was giving to the poor and the underprivileged and the marginalized. In archbishop house there were no decorations, no illuminations, and no festive meal. Instead, a huge community meal was held for over 2000 rickshaw pullers at Loyola ground.


Already sisters, fathers, friends and well-wishers had been told not to bring any gifts flowers or cakes to the archbishop house and were advised to give the money in charity. With huge support from different congregations and friends and well-wishers, a festive non vegetarian meal was served to over 2000 rickshaw pullers. A blanket, a gamcha, shawl and a mask was given to each rickshaw puller.


Bishop Theodore speaking on the occasion explained how the rickshaw pullers suffered during the lock down, were left without work and were still struggling to put their lives back on the track. On Christmas day Christ became a poor child, it was a desire to share love with these friends of ours who in the cold and heat, through rain or shine sweat it out to serve the common man.

Archbishop Felix Toppo in the prayer over the meal thanked God for the gift of the rickshaw pullers, prayed for all those who helped to make this event possible, especially for the benefactors who sacrificed to help this cause. With grateful hearts the rickshaw pullers went home, with one rickshaw puller saying, “He had not eaten such good food ever a year.”

Shri Bandhu Tirkey MLA of Mandar and Shri Rajesh Kachhap MLA of Khijri visited the site of the event.

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