Archdiocese Ranchi celebrates feast of our Lady of Rosary helping the poor

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Today 7 October feast of our Lady of Rosary, Episcopal Ordination Anniversary of Cardinal Toppo, Birthday of Archdiocesan Secretary Fr. Sushil Toppo, Archdiocese of Ranchi visited the poor and distributed over 200 Blankets to needy and poor people.

The distribution of blankets was done under the leadership of Archbishop Felix Toppo SJ. The team of Ranchi catholic youth distributed blankets in three remote villages of Namkum block. These blankets are part of a bigger distribution of proposed two thousand blankets which will be given in the near future.

The first thousand blankets have been gifted by St. Martin Parish Tussenhausen, Germony. The Podar family has gifted another 100 blankets. Distribution of 200 blankets were done today in the village of Kudagaraha, Lali Sereng Toli and Ulhatu. While Archbishop Felix could not participate in the distribution due to other engagement, Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas led the team of Fr. Sushil Toppo, Fr. Ashit Toppo, Bro. Juel Xalxo, Mr. Jayant Toppo and Kuldeep Tirkey, Louis Bara and Xavier.

Bishop Theodore speaking at different distribution centre told the people that this good deed could take place only because of the generosity of the people of St. Martin Parish Germony and he requested them to pray for the people of Germony. Many old and poor people benefited from this charity. The people expressed joy and happiness and asked the bishops to convey their gratitude to the benefactors.

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