As many as 13 people die, 38 missing in various rain related mishaps in HP

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Shimla, Aug 14 : As many as 13 people died after being buried under landslides and collapsed building in Himachal Pradesh in the past 24 hrs and 38 are missing under the debries.

According to state CPI(M) counselor Verinder Thakur of Summerhill Shimla MC, four bodies were evacuated from a shrine near Bioleuganj and 26 are buried in the rubbles.

He said State Diaster Respose Force is evacuating bodies as 26 devotees are buried alive under Shivmandir temple near Bioleuganj in the outskirt of capital town as landslide hit the temple during morning prayers on Monday.

Police sources said the devotees gathered in the shrine around 0700 hrs for special prayers on Monday. A massive landslide occurred on the Andadi road near Totu-Shimla Railway line and hit the temple.

Massive landslide over the railway line hit the temple after inceasent rainfall of overnight.

SDRF deployed to evacuate the victims from the rubbles. Victims could be heared under the rubbles seeking for assistance.

The incident occurred when number of devotees were busy preparing Khir Parsad for special prayers early monday.

As per initial reports recieved from spot landslide struck the Shiv baudi area between Summerhill and Boilueganj number of people were under the debris.

State Disaster Management Authority said devastrating rains in the past 24 hours have claimed number of casualities in the state.

Reports arrivied that a massive landslide has hit Boilueganj area of Shimla, claiming a Shiv mandir in which around 25-30 people are expected to be affected.

Seven people lost lives in Mamligh area of Solan district and a massive landslide has taken toll in the Capital monday morning.

An information just received said, many trees and debris hit a suburb near Lal Kothi in Fagli, and many dharas(shanties) have collapsed. The administration fear that nine to ten people were buried in the affected colony.

Rescue team of administration has reached the spot and started rescuing the people. Information has been received that one person has died in this accident.

According to CPI(M) leader Bhupinder Singh Prabhas Rana died while trying to rescue a family after their house collapsed in Taniyar village Sunday night. He couldn’t be taken to the hospital due to rainaffected road . Comrade Rana was former Pradhan of Dharampur, Panchayat Samiti and member and former president of SFI and CITU.

In the state, death toll due to rainfury went up to near 270 and thirteen died in last 24 hrs, however, casualty could mount to 48 to 50.

A report received from Kangra said around 75 people are trapped in flooded water in a Adwani stone crasher under Jawali Subdivision of Kangra district. Rescue operation couldn’t start.

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