Ashok Chavan : Central govt had opportunity to ease Maratha reservation by 50 pc in court

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Aurangabad/Mumbai, Aug 11 : Maharashtra Minister of Public Works Department (PWD) and Chairman of the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Maratha Reservation Ashok Chavan said that the central government had a great opportunity to ease the court battle of Maratha reservation by relaxing the 50 per cent reservation limit while amending the constitution regarding the rights of the states.

However, he lamented that the Center had lost this opportunity.

In his official statement, he stated that the 127th Amendment passed in the Lok Sabha. Chavan welcomed the bill. Despite the stalemate in Parliament on a number of issues such as Pegasus, the Centre’s Black Agriculture Act, all the Opposition parties discussed this important bill and co-operated with the Center.

However, the central government could not have shown such rationality. Union Minister for Social Justice Dr Virendra Kumar said that the center would’ve considered relaxing the reservation limit in due course. But it was a golden opportunity to think and decide in Parliament, he said .

How much longer did the Maratha community have to fight a court battle, he asked.

It was easily possible for the center to facilitate the court battle for Maratha reservation.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi had instructed Congress group leader in the Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary to take a stand for this. He is the MP from West Bengal. But he was adamant in favor of Maratha reservation and relaxation of the 50 per cent reservation limit. Shiv Sena MPs Vinayak Raut, Prataprao Jadhav, MP of NCP. Supriya Sule, Congress MP Balubhau Dhanorkar also fought hard for Maratha reservation. But the central government did not take it seriously.

Mr Chavan further said that it was unfortunate for Maharashtra that not a single Maratha MP from BJP in Maharashtra uttered a word in this regard in the Lok Sabha, he added.


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