Attack on temples in Bangladesh aimed at stoping activities of Islamic organizations: Charmonai Pir

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Dhaka, Oct 28 : Amir of the Islamic Movement of Bangladesh and Pir Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim of Charmonai said on Thursday that no devout citizen or any religious organization was involved in the attack on temples across the country.

He claimed that these incidents were planned to destabilize the country by stopping the activities of Islamic organizations.

The Pir of Charmonai made the remarks at an exchange meeting with Ulama Mashayekh and politicians at the central office of the Islamic Movement in the capital’s Purana Paltan on Wednesday.

The Pir of Charmonai said that in order to put Bangladesh under international pressure by using communal colors, the Holy Quran was insulted and later temples, puja mandaps and houses of the Hindu community were attacked and set on fire all over the country. These incidents are part of a larger conspiracy against the country and anti-Islamic forces.

Complaining that Islamic organizations are unilaterally blamed for any communal incidents, Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim said that demands were being made to stop the activities of Islamists in the name of returning to the constitution of 1972.

Claiming that the Indian media is spreading hatred against Bangladesh and Muslims, he said that a class while sitting in Bangladesh, is keeping pace with them.

Pir of Charmonai said that people belonging to the minority community in Bangladesh are enjoying more state benefits than Muslims, which is rare in the world.

He questioned whether anyone had conspired against the independent-sovereignty of Bangladesh using the minority community. He announced a national program on November 18 in Dhaka to tackle this anti-national conspiracy and overcome the ongoing crisis.

Presidium member of the party Syed Mosaddeq Billah Al-Madani, Secretary General Younus Ahmad, Assistant Editor of the Daily Inqilab Ubaidur Rahman Khan Nadvi, Senior Pesh Imam Muhibshah of National Mosque Baitul Mukarram and Imam Muhibbil in the meeting chaired by Joint Secretary General of Islamic Movement Bangladesh Gazi Ataur Rahman. President of Aimma Parishad Nurul Huda Fayezi and others were also present.


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