Azam Khan seeks ‘Z’ category security, cites threat to life

Lucknow, July 25 : Senior Samajwadi Party MLA, Mohd Azam Khan has requested the Uttar Pradesh government to “reinstate his ‘Z’ category security”, citing “threats” since he faces several cases.

Expressing security concerns, Azam Khan said, “I had ‘Z’ category security earlier. It was withdrawn by the present state government. Even a senior police officer recommended it. ‘Y’ category security is being offered to me at present, but it looks similar to the security cover provided to every MLA. I want my earlier security to be reinstated as I face many threats due to all the cases filed against me.”

Rampur SP Ashok Kumar said that, “We have not received any application from Azam Khan to upgrade his security. He has been provided ‘Y’ category security and the required numbers of security guards are always with him. However, I will ask the local intelligence unit to evaluate the threat level and will write to the state government accordingly.”

Azam was released in May on bail after being lodged in Sitapur jail for almost 27 months. He was booked in about 89 cases ranging from book theft, hen theft, statue theft, power theft, land grabbing, forgery and land encroachment.

He successfully contested the 2022 assembly polls from the jail.


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