Ban on Chinese ‘manjha’ in 9 UP districts ahead of Raksha Bandhan

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Bareilly, Aug 20 : Those found buying, selling, procuring and storing Chinese kite strings (manjha) in districts under the Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly zone will now be booked by the police.

Issuing the order, Additional Director General (ADG) of Police (Bareilly Zone), Avinash Chandra, has directed the police department to make announcements in areas where people fly kites in groups about the order and ensure a complete ban on the use of Chinese manjha.

The order comes ahead of Raksha Bandhan when kite flying activity increases significantly and markets are flooded with manjhas, including the banned Chinese strings which often proves to be life threatening.

Several incidents were reported in the past when people on bicycles and two wheelers have been critically injured by the kite strings.

Five persons, including two RSS functionaries, were reported injured in the past three months, while a youth died in Rampur district in June.

Last week, two students were seriously injured when the kite string slashed their throats.

The Allahabad High Court has already banned the sale of Chinese manjha but the same continues to register brisk sales, mainly due to its low cost and better strength.

Bareilly SSP, Rohit Singh Sajwan, said: “A drive against the Chinese manjha has already been going on in the district. But, after receiving the order, we will now ensure necessary action is taken against those buying and selling or storing the banned manjha.”


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