Bangladesh power plant delayed by dollar crisis

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Dhaka, Nov 12 : The construction of a nuclear power plant in Bangladesh is getting delayed because of an acute dollar crisis.

As a result, transmission line construction equipment cannot be imported to add Rooppur’s electricity to the national grid.
The electricity department has approached the Ministry of Finance to arrange for a bank loan.

The Power Grid Co of Bangladesh Ltd (PGCB) has been approaching various banks for two months for loans for import of equipment from abroad. But no one has agreed to give taka 5,240 crores.

According to PGCB sources, the infrastructure construction project of transmission line to connect 2,400 MW of electricity to the national grid at Rooppur in Pabna was approved by Ekne in 2018. There are total seven packages under this project, out of which six packages are in progress.

India’s Transrail Lighting Ltd got the work of package number 6 on August 17 as the lowest bidder. The contract value of the work is $52 million.

Under this package, 16 km transmission lines of 400 and 230 KV will be constructed on Jamuna and Padma rivers.

Equipment has to be imported from abroad to install towers in two rivers. Agreements have been made with Germany, Netherlands and Turkey for the import of machinery by the contractor.
But the process of bringing the equipment did not start because the loan could not be opened.

The contracting firm is unable to start work due to non-payment of dollars as per the contract price.

The Rooppur nuclear power plant project is being implemented by the Atomic Energy Commission under the Ministry of Science and Technology.


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