Battle for the Assemblies : Stalin complains to EC about suspicious vehicles, Wi-Fi near EVM strong rooms

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Chennai, April 16 : The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) President M.K.Stalin on Friday complained to the Election Commission of India about the movement of suspicious vehicles and Wi-Fi during that time inside the campuses where the electronic voting machines (EVM) used in the poll are stored.

Quoting the Election Commission’s guidelines relating to safe storing of polled EVMs, Stalin said that in many places the norms have not been followed.

The DMK leader said at many campuses where polled EVMs were stored in strong rooms, closed vehicles were brought and later taken out after protest by the party cadres. He cited locations such as Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, Sri Ram Engineering College, Thiruvallur and Loyola College, Chennai.

Stalin said the vehicles were said to be mobile toilets for women police personnel. He said the EVMs are stored in educational institutions where there is toilet facility.

He also said when such closed vehicles enter the campuses where EVMs are stored DMK party cadres have noticed increased Wi-Fi activities.

Apart from these, Stalin also alleged that some persons with laptops were allowed entry into strong rooms (rooms where EVMs are stored) and in few campuses where the voting machines are stored.

The DMK leader urged the Election Commission to ensure that EVMs are not hacked electronically; not to allow any outsiders into the campuses where the EVMs are stored; not to allow any vehicles near the strong rooms where EVMs are kept; disable Wi-Fi service near the strong rooms and give a list of persons with their names who are allowed entry into the campuses where the EVMs are stored.


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