B’desh BNP leader Haider Khan : India as biggest beneficiary must come forward to restructure SAARC

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Dhaka, Sep 16 : Former President of Bangladesh Ziaur Rahman formed SAARC with specific goals to broaden cooperation among its member states. It is still a bright prospect.

India, as the biggest beneficiary, needs to increase cooperation with SAARC member countries and hence, India should be active.

Because there are many big SAARC organizations in India. Religion is not important here. We should remember that the world is now economy-based, and religion is the biggest enemy of economy-based politics. The politics of religious terrorism never allows a country to move towards a development status.

We need a foreign policy based economy in this region.

Haider Ahmed Khan, former vice-president of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and one of the leaders of main opposition BNP in Bangladesh, said this in an interview with UNI yesterday (Wednesday).

Mr. Khan said that the Rohingya problem has become a source of frustration for 16 crore people in Bangladesh due to subservient foreign policy.

Such trouble erupted during the period of martyred President of Bangladesh Ziaur Rahman. He dealt with the issue with an iron hand. This problem may become more complicated for Bangladesh in the future.

He observed BNP as an organization is much stronger now than before. The country’s leaders–Begum Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman-are also much stronger than before. This government came to power illegally by rigging the vote.

Mr Khan said the Awami League has become desperate to stay in power seeing Begum Khaleda Zia’s patriotism and popularity. That is why the ruling party is trying to strengthen its position by filing false cases in the name of BNP leaders and activists.

On the other hand, the people of the country have been deprived of their right to vote. At the moment, there is no democracy in the country.

Referring to India, he said India is a democratic country where the government is formed through elections. I think India has always been by the side of the BNP in Bangladesh.

Haider Khan, the leader of Bangladesh’s main opposition BNP, hopes that India will be by our side in the future as well.

Haider Khan is a dedicated leader of BNP.

Mr Khan said: “I have provided food to thousands of people from my private funds to deal with the global epidemic. It is still continuing. I have started a school in my village Jalli in Kendua thana of Netrokona district after the name of my mother. A large number of students are studying in the school, he claimed.

He said the Awami League government of Bangladesh came to power by killing democracy and illegally holding mock elections. The role of the opposition is important to consolidate democracy in a country. I believe there is no alternative to democracy in a multi-party system.

He said there is a doubt whether the Awami League will get 20 seats if national elections are held in a free and fair manner now. If people’s right to vote is returned, the BNP will return to power as a single majority party.

There is no lack of unity among the grassroots level BNP leaders and workers, Mr. Khan said.

He said the BNP has always been against terrorism and militancy. Occupation of properties of the minorities all over the country, vandalism of idols and burning of temples have all taken place during the rule of Awami League and those are still going on. The BNP believes in peace.

The BNP leader said that not allowing the three-time successful Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia to go abroad for better treatment was the ultimate failure of the Awami League-led government.

Mr. Khan said that Ziaur Rahman was the Sector Commander in the country’s War of Independence. Politics over his dead body should be stopped.


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