Bengal News Update : PM Modi says “Asol Poriborton” on May 2 when the people will show the door to Didi

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Kanthi, Mar 24 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said the people of West Bengal have decided for “Asol Poriborton” on May when the people will show the door to Didi (Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her party TMC).

Addressing a rally for the BJP candidates, Mr Modi said the people of Nandigram have an answer and they would reply fittingly on May 2 for her blame game on the people of Medinipur district.

Launching a scathing attack on the TMC chairperson Ms Banerjee, Mr Modi charged her with spreading hatred against Indians by calling all Indians as “Bohiragoto” (outsiders) who ever come in Bengal.

“We are not bohiragoto (outsiders) we are Indians and we all recite Jana Gana Mana composed by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore,” Mr Modi said and assured the people that a BJP chief minister will be from this land only.

Mr Modi said addressing the crowd that “Asol Poriborton is the need of the hour in West Bengal,” to bring all round development for a “Sonar Bangla”.

On May 2, Didi will go and Asol Poriborton will come,” Mr Modi said, adding that the people were yearning to show the door to Didi on May 2, the day results for the West Bengal Assembly Election will be announced.

“‘On 2 May, Didi jacche, ashol poriborton asche’ can be heard across Bengal,” the PM said amid cheer from the gathering, who chanted Modi Modi and Jay Shree Ram.

Taking a dig at the TMC for alleged rampant corruption, cut money, tola buzz and syndicate business across the state Mr Modi said “Didi, even the children of West Bengal have understood your khela.”

Mr Modi said that the game of Didi was now over and Vikas for BJP would begin. He said that the mothers and sisters of state will come forward in huge numbers to punish the Trinamool Congress in this election.

The PM also hit out at the ruling Trinamool Congress over the Cyclone Amphan relief not reaching the affected people.

“Didi hasn’t been able to answer those who were first destroyed by Amphan, and later by ‘tolabaaz’ of the TMC.

The relief sent to Bengal by the Centre got stuck in the ‘Bhaipo window’. Didi, Bengal wants to know who looted the relief for Amphan?” the PM asked. “Why are Amphan-struck people still forced to live under shattered roofs? Didi is nowhere to be seen when there is a need but when elections draw near, she says ‘Sarkar Duare-Duare’. This is their (TMC) khela. Even the children in Bengal have understood it,” Mr Modi said adding now the Didi brought 10 angikars ( promises).

Slamming the TMC chief Mr Modi said, “Everyone has understood what Didi is doing. She just makes empty promises before the elections and is not seen thereafter.”

Mr Modi said West Bengal’s development was the BJP’s commitment. “We will work for Bengal’s bright future.”

“I see a sea of people everywhere I go in Bengal,” PM Modi said in the rally.

Repeating his call for ‘Asol poriborton’, the Prime minister said that “On May 2, didi ja che, Asol Paribartan acche.” (On May 2, Mamata Banerjee will go, real change will come)


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