Bengal News Update : Tension runs high between TMC and BJP supporters at Birulia bazar

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Nandigram, Mat 11 : Tension ran high at Birulia bazar, the epicentre of West Bengal polls, where Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sustained wounds, today as the rival supporters of TMC and BJP assembled in hundreds blaming each other for Wednesday’s incident.

The BJP supporters alleged that the chief minister was falsely claiming that 4/5 men pushed her car gate and injured her.

They alleged the the TMC supremo was misleading the people due to vested interest and demanded that the people of Birulia were not involved in the incident.

The TMC supporters in the gathering alleged that the BJP supporters were behind the attack on their leader and demanded the arrest of the people involved.

TMC MP Sukendu Sekhar Ray alleged that “at about 6.15 pm on Wednesday a few unknown persons pushed her to the car and forcibly shut the door when she was about the leave Birulia region after performing puja in a temple. As a result, her left leg was injured and she also felt severe pain in her waist.”

A separate report from Malda said, a TMC supporter was shot by some miscreants in Gajole and was admitted to the Malda hospital.

The injured person, identified as Bifal Mondal, was shot at while returning home from the market last night.


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