Bengal Update : Amit Shah is expected to visit Kolkata on Tuesday ahead of Modi’s Brigade rally on Feb 7

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Kolkata, Feb 27 : Union Home Minister Amit Shah is expected on a two-day visit to Kolkata on Tuesday ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Brigade rally here for the BJP on March 7.

BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said the party has to gear up in full motion to build up confidence among the supporters as well as the common people for a change of guard in the administration of the state. While Mr Shah is expected to lead two roadshows, one on Tuesday from Tala in north Kolkata to Chowringee in the hub of the city, and on the following day from Rash Behari Bose Road to Rabindra Sadan in south Kolkata.

Narendra Modi, who frequently visiting the state either for official purpose or to boost up the party functionaries, is expected to address a BJP’s election rally at the Brigade Parade Ground on March 7. The BJP is aiming to unseat the Mamata Banerjee government in the eight-phase elections for 294-seats assembly beginning March 27 as announced by the Election Commission of India on Friday.

Ruling party MP Sougata Roy claimed that the visit of Amit Shah was unproductive as ” he has hardly any impact on the Bengali voters.” He said his visit to Bhowanipur in south Kolkata would make any impact among the ” Gujarati and Punjabi voters there as the Sikh community is not liking the BJP, the Lok Sabha MP representing Dum Dum said. Incidentally, the Bhowanipur assembly segment is represented by TMC supremo and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

BJP leader Amit Malviya alleged that “TMC hoodlums vandalised BJP’s Lokkho Sonar Bangla raths in the godown in Kadapara on EM Bypass on Friday”.

In a Twitter account, Mr Malviya said the ” Raths were damaged and LEDs were stolen. This is going to be one tough election for the EC to manage given the culture of political violence perpetrated by the TMC. People of West Bengal will respond!”


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