Bengal Update : Mamata Banerjee warns BJP Party

Midnapore, Dec 7 : Without mentioning any group or names Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee warned the BJP Party to remember that this is West Bengal and nobody from the TMC party can be blackmailed here.

She delivered her messages to a full packed Midnapore -College and Collegiate Maiden with thousands standing on all four sides of road this morning.

“However, You can’t take a single partyman from ours as the TMC was born on this soil. Our men are not saleable to Power, Casteism or Goondaism,’ She warned.

Nodding their heads the crowd indicated that they don’t want to be Gujrati as BJP want them to be, but they will remain Bengalees. They also nodded their heads in affirmation when Mamata announced that India’s growth rate is going down.

No one from the family of Adhikary, Suvendu, Sisir or Dibyendu attended the function. Suvendu informed that he was not invited.


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