Bengal Update : Mamata visits a booth where her polling agent refused to sit in fear of assault

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Nandigram, Apr 1 : Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee came out from her temporary party office cum residence at Reyapara and visited a polling booth at Boyal in the Nandigram assembly segment where her election agent fled home fearing assault despite a local police officer who swore for his safety in the booth.

Ms Banerjee, also contesting the seat as the TMC candidate, was seen coming out around 1 pm after hearing that her polling agent Mrinal Kanti Jana fled home fearing assault from alleged BJP supporters.

Boyal Moktab primary school where polling booth No 7 TMC agent Mrinal Kanti Jana fled home leaving his chair empty in the booth.

A police officer went to his home and assured him to give full protection in the polling booth but his mother and wife told the police officer he would not get out of the home. The mother of the polling agent alleged that their kitchen room was vandalised by the BJP supporters two days ago and feared more torture in future in case he attends the booth.

However,the BJP denied the allegation and said the ruling party was creating terror in the area and scaring the voters.

However, Ms Banerjee, who is in wheelchair, on arrival near the booth encountered with ” Jay Shree Ram” chanting by the BJP supporters.

On the other hand, BJP candidate Suvendu Adhikari was seen shuttling booth to booth of his constituency and claimed the free and fearless voting would not have been possible in the absence of central armed forces in the state.

“It is a jungle raj now and it’s time-limited to May 2 when the results will be out,” said Adhikari and claimed it was almost a revolution for witnessing peaceful polling. He said over 30 per cent vote was polled within 5 hours and it was indicating a wind of change for development and end of appeasement policy.

However, Ms Banerjee alleged that there had been a report of violence from some booths in Nandigram and central forces did not care despite requests from her party. A report from Keshpur said BJP candidate Pritish Ranjan Konar’s car was vandalised where the media people on duty faced wrathed from the alleged TMC supporters. Police arrested 9 suspects in the attack.

In the Sobong assembly constituency, the BJP agent was evicted by the alleged TMC supporters. Later with the help of central armed forces, the agent returned to his polling booth.


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