Biden administration should keep selling key US weapons systems to Taiwan – Admiral

Insight Online News

Washington, Mar 5 : The Biden administration should push ahead with significant arms sales to Taiwan to enable the island to defend itself against any military threat from China, Indo-Pacific Command head Adm. Philip Davidson said.

“Encouraging Taiwan’s increase in capabilities is a very important approach. Consistent US arms sales to Taiwan [are] critically important,” Davidson told an American Enterprise Institute podcast on Thursday, speaking from his headquarters in Hawaii.

Continuing US arms sales to Taipei were essential to enable Taiwan to maintain sufficient self defense and deterrent capability to be able to “fight if they are called on,” Davidson explained.

“I am deeply concerned about the next six years given the numbers of fighters, bombers, ships – the capability change – for the People’s Liberation Army,” Davidson said.
On Monday, the Indo-Pacific Command delivered to Congress a $27.3 billion plan to buy new missile defense systems, place radar and missile defense systems on the ground and launch satellites. The proposed build-up was seen as being intended to confront and deter China.


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