Biden considering nominating advocate of moderate Russia policy as advisor, Reports

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Moscow, Apr 11 (Sputnik) US President Joe Biden is considering appointing as his Russia advisor Matthew Rojansky, who currently heads the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute on Russia and the post-Soviet space, media reported.

Rojansky is has served on a number of prominent think tanks on Russia, including the Kennan Institute and the Russia center of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He is often sourced by the media for his expert opinion on Russian affairs.

Citing sources, US political news outlet Axios reported that the White House administration is weighing his candidacy as the Russia director at the National Security Council.

Rojansky has criticized the US policy on Russia in the past as “Cold War style paranoia about the Russian bogeyman.” He has faced accusations of supposedly being soft of the Kremlin, the outlet reported.

US-Russia relations since the Biden administration has come into office have been unstable. Having imposed more sanctions on Russia and calling Russian president Vladimir Putin a “killer” in a TV interview the appointment of Rojansky could come as the first step in bringing peaceful coexistence into the US- Russia relationship.


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