Biden family welcomes puppy Biden

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Washington, Dec 21 : US President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden have welcomed a new puppy ‘Commander’ to the White House after they lost their beloved German Shepherd ‘Champ’ nearly 6 months ago.

Commander, a German Shepherd, was born on September 1 and arrived to the White House on Monday.

A video was also shared with caption ‘Meet the newest Biden’, wherein the couple is seen playing with the new Biden, walking him on a leash and feeding him a treat.

In the background, the White House is seen prepped with Christmas decor.

The President also shared a photo of the new puppy saying, “Welcome to the White House, Commander.”

While confirming the news, Michael LaRosa, Jill Biden’s press secretary, said, “Yes. There is (a puppy).”

The puppy was a birthday gift to the President from his brother James Biden and sister-in-law Sara Biden, LaRosa told CNN.

The President celebrated his 79th birthday on November 20.

Biden’s beloved German Shepherd ‘Champ’ had died in June at the age of 13.

Meanwhile, their other German Shepherd, a rescue named Major, has been living mostly in Wilmington, Delaware, after a handful of aggressive incidents involving staff at the White House, CNN reports.


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