Bigg Boss 14 housemate Rakhi Sawant : Rakhi Sawant seen vegetable shopping in PPE suit

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Mumbai, April 24 : “Bigg Boss 14” housemate Rakhi Sawant shared a video where she is seen shopping for vegetables dressed in a PPE suit.

Rakhi posted the video on Instagram, where she is seen buying vegetables dressed in a light blue PPE suit paired with gloves and a mask.

“Guys please be safe, wear PPT kit and go wherever you want to go but better,” Rakhi wrote alongside the video, which she posted on Friday night.

A “PPE” or the “Personal Protective Equipment” works as a shield against various contagious infections.

The actress recently started work on her upcoming web series called “Tawaif Bazaar-E-Husn”, directed by Marukh Mirza.


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