Bihar assembly adjourned flowing ruckus relating dignity of Speaker

Insight Online News /By Shivangi

Patna, Feb 28 : Bihar Assembly adjourned during the prelunch session on Monday to discuss the matter in the Business Advisory Committee of the Lower House after the entire opposition created a ruckus relating to the dignity of the Speaker and his members and the response of the Bihar government to the recent misbehaviour of three police officers, including a Dy SP of Lakhisarai district, with the speaker of the state assembly.

During the proceedings of the question hour which was taken up amid noisy scenes created by the entire opposition on various issues including the matter related to the misbehaviour with the Speaker by some police officers and the attitude of the chief secretary as well as Director-General of Police in media after a meeting convened by the speaker over-privileged notice on the related matter.

The chief whip of Rashtriya Janata Dal Lalit Yadav demanded a debate on the issue as it was related to the dignity of the chair. He said that the speaker was custodian of the house and when his dignity cannot be maintained, the dignity of the other members of the house were also under threat.

Yadav also demanded a reply from the government on the grave matter of suspending other businesses enlisted for the day. Expressing his concern, BJP member Sanjay Saraogi said that the conduct of the chief secretary and the DGP in the media after attending the meeting convened to explain their points on the privilege notice was highly objectionable.

He said that every member has the right to move privilege notice in case any of the members was hurt.


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