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Bihar : Bihar government to give subsidy on diesel to woo farmers

Patna, July 28 : While “Muft Ki Rewdi” (freebies) has become a political issue in the country, Bihar’s Nitish Kumar government on Thursday decided to give subsidy on diesel for agriculture purpose for the next three months.

State Agriculture Minister Amrendra Pratap Singh said that the farmers can avail subsidy of Rs 600 for one acre per month, subject to a ceiling of 8 acres.

“We have taken the decision to help farmers with low-cost irrigation. A large part of Bihar comes under the drought zone. Hence, the decision was taken to provide subsidies on diesel to them,” he said.

“The farmers of Bihar will get the subsidy from July 29 to October 30. One farmer will get a maximum subsidy for his/her 8 acres. If any farmers will have more than 8 acres, they cannot claim beyond the maximum limit set by the department,” he added.

The decision assumes significance as farmers of the country are perceived as being not pleased with Narendra Modi government at the Centre.

Farmers are a big vote bank in Bihar and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is well aware of their power. If he could win them over through such offers, it would be highly beneficial in the next Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. While Singh is from the BJP, but every decision taken in Bihar only after the approval of the Chief Minister and hence, his JD-U will take credit for it.

The JD-U is also well aware that fuel prices are high in the country, and hence, it could turn out to be a master stroke for Nitish Kumar government and JD-U in wooing the farmers.


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