Bihar Blasts : 3 blasts in 15 days, police suspect conspiracy in Darbhanga case

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Patna, June 22 : Three blasts in different districts of Bihar in just a fortnight have put the state police on high alert. Though an investigation is going on in all these blasts, the police have unearthed a conspiracy angle in the bomb blast that took place at Darbhanga railway station.

On June 8, a blast took place in a madrasa behind a mosque in Bihar’s Banka district. While, it was still under investigation, another blast took place on June 17 in the parcel van at Darbhanga railway station. National investigation agencies have also become alert with regard to the blast in Darbhanga. They are sensing a big conspiracy behind this.

According to police sources, the role of four suspects in the case has emerged.

A probe team led by GRP Darbhanga officer-in-charge went to Secunderabad to identify the person who booked the parcel that exploded later.

The police team investigating the case in Secunderabad has found the address of suspect Mohammad Sufiyan, who booked a parcel in the Secunderabad-Darbhanga Express train.

The explosion had taken place in a bale of cloth at Darbhanga Junction. The bale of cloth in which the blast took place was booked by Mohammad Sufiyan from Secunderabad to Darbhanga. Now the police are looking for this suspect.

Sources reveal that the investigation of this case is being carried out by the Anti-Terrorism Squad of Telangana and Uttar Pradesh along with Bihar ATS.

According to the sources, the investigating agencies have got important clues in this case and have named four suspects.

A vial was also found in the parcel in which the explosion took place. It is being said that there was some chemical substance in it.

After Darbhanga, the police were shocked by another blast, this time in Hussainganj police station area of Siwan.

A police officer said that when Vinod Manjhi was going to the shop with his child, a young man named Sagir gave him a bag with a bomb to keep. Shortly after, the bomb in the bag exploded.

The third blast in a fortnight is keeping the police on its toes.


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