Bihar CM Nitish : Bapu tower to carry forward his ideologies

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Patna, Aug 27 : Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today said that the proposed Bapu Tower would help the next generation to understand the ideologies and contributions of Bapu in the society.

After reviewing the design of the project through video conferencing Mr Kumar outlined the importance of Bihar in the life of Mahatma Gandhi whose ideologies had an immense impact on the people of this state.

He also spoke about the importance of Champaran Satyagraha launched by Mahatma Gandhi and asked the authorities to prominently show the important places of the state where the Satyagraha was held.

Mr Kumar said that the nation would be transformed if only 10 to 15% of the people follow the ideologies and footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi.

Mr Kumar also highlighted the seven values of Mahatma Gandhi which were essential to become a real human being.

The Chief Minister instructed to depict the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi in the Bapu tower regarding ban on liquor who was in favour of a complete ban on the liquor which was banned in Bihar in 2016 on the demands made by the womenfolk.

The Chief Minister reiterated that he was following the footsteps of Bapu whose messages and ideologies were being taken to everyone through Bapu aapke Dwar program in the state. To appraise the students about the Life of Bapu, the letters of Bapu were recited everyday for the students from class 3 to 8 and the students of class 9th up to 12 “There was a Mohan” (Ek ThaMohan) book was being recited everyday.

He asked the authorities to complete the Bapu Tower within the stipulated period.


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