Bihar gets highest central grant compared to other states for its health sector

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Patna, Nov 13 : The Union government has sanctioned a maximum of Rs 1116.30 crore to Bihar out of Rs 8,453.92 crore health grant to 19 states to strengthen health system and plug critical gaps in the health care system of the local bodies.

Sources in the health department said here today that Bihar with the highest grant amount of Rs 1116.30 crore, was at the top among the 19 states in terms of the sanctioned amount whereas the grant amount was lowest in Sikkim which has been sanctioned with a minmum of Rs 20.978 crore.

Bihar has been followed by Madhya Pradesh which was sanctioned an amount Rs 922.7992 crore to strengthen health care system at primary health care level.
The grants have been released as per the recommendations of the Fifteenth Finance Commission which in its report from 2021-22 to 2025-26 has recommended a total grant of Rs.4,27,911 crore to local governments.

The grants recommended by the Commission include health grants of Rs.70,051 crore of which Rs.43,928 crore have been recommended for Rural Local Bodies and Rs.26,123 crore for Urban Local Bodies.

The Commission has also identified interventions that will directly lead to strengthening the primary health infrastructure and facilities in both rural and urban areas.

The recommendations made for the year 2021-22 is Rs 13192 crore which include Rs 8273 crore for rural and Rs 4919 crore for urban local bodies.

Meanwhile official sources said here today that involving Panchayati Raj institutions and Urban Local Government as supervising agencies in these primary health care institutions would strengthen the overall primary health care system and involvement of local governments would also make the health system accountable to the people.


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