Bihar groom carries bride on shoulder across river

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Kishanganj (Bihar), June 29 : A video from Bihar’s Kishanganj district has gone viral in which a groom can be seen lifting his newly wed bride on his shoulder to carry her across a monsoon river in spate.

The incident took place in Sindgmari Ghat in Dighalbank block. The entire area has been flooded by the overflowing Kankai river.

Shiv Kumar Singh, the groom along with other relatives were returning from Palsa village located on the other side of the river. After the marriage ceremony, bride, groom and other relatives were to return on a boat.

After travelling some distance, the boat got stuck in the sand.

“We had no other option but to travel from boat to dry place on the bank of river. So I immediately decided to travel the distance carrying her on my shoulder,” Singh said.

“The bridge on Kankai river near Singhmari was proposed some 10 years back. The people of Kishanganj and adjoining districts are forced to use boat to cross the river. The state government is callous,” the groom’s relative Rahul Singh said.

“This incident is an example of development of Bihar claimed by the Nitish Kumar government. Road connectivity to most of the villages adjoining to rivers are cut off from the rest of the state. Hence, boat is the only option for us. Such a situation is arising in almost every place affected by the monsoon flood,” Rahul Singh said.


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