Bihar Polls : BJP launches ‘Ee ba’ to counter ‘Ka ba’ in Bihar polls

BJP launches ‘Ee ba’ to counter ‘Ka ba’ in Bihar polls

Patna, Oct 13 : The Bharatiya Janata Party on Tuesday released a campaign song in Bhojpuri to highlight the achievements of the NDA and counter a growing rhetoric against the Nitish Kunar-led government.

The song, titled “Bihar Me Ee Baa (This is in Bihar)”, not only is meant to laud its works, but is also to counter a growingly popular Bhojpuri song “Bihar Me Ka Ba (What’s up with Bihar)” sung by a young artist Neha Singh Rathore.

“‘Ka ba’ The song was originally sung by leading actor Manoj Bajpayee in the context of Mumbai. The song was “Mumbai Me Ka Ba”. Then it was copied by Neha Singh Rathore, who added the Bihar flavour to it. Through her song, political parties like the RJD and the Congress are involved in a poster war to challenge the NDA government. Our song is just a reply to the opposition parties and not any individual person,” chief of the BJP IT cell Manan Krishnan told IANS.

Rathore has created a sensation with her song “Bihar Me Ka Ba”, which is critical of the NDA government’s performance in the state. In the song, she mentions about the ‘deteriorating law and order situation, wrong doings and negligent attitude’ of the NDA government on the plight of the migrant labourers.

As the song has earned quite a popularity among all the sections in the state, it is severely hurting the image of the NDA government at the time of election.

To counter this, the BJP launched its own version. It talks about the development of Bihar — improved road infrastructure, installation of medium and small scale industries and job opportunities. The song also mentions those who are returning to their home state and investing in startups, educational institutions such as IIT, NIT, AIIMS, etc.

At one point, the song also criticizes Neha Singh Rathore and asks her to see the development works done in Bihar.

The BJP though has denied attacking Rathore. “We are not targeting any individual person through our song,” Krishnan said.


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